Company Profile


Strong Business Ground with “Passion”

Moong Pattana International, PCL. is a Professional Trading Company. We are flexible but passion for performance. Our professional teams have high commitment to the best results in field operation. With extensive experienced of our management team members, we believe principals will benefit on our value added distributor service and Moong Pattana have made a long-term commitment to ensure the results delivered.


Overview of Business

The Company operates in Distribution business and is a distributor of consumer products with two (2) core business operations as the following:

  1. Company’s Branded Business

    1.1 Household Products
    – Foggy and Smile V spraying bottles
    – Gerlach stainless knives

    1.2 Personal Care Products
    – V-care cottons, adult wipes, and toothbrushes


  1. Distribution Business

    The Company’s expertise lies within marketing in which our brand management attains and retains brand loyalty through customer-engaging, marketing activities. Moreover, we specialize in distribution, evidently through our quality channels with coverage throughout Thailand to include modern trades, traditional trades, cash vans, and other channels such as direct sales and e-commerces, etc. The Company’s experience and expertise in brand management and nationwide distributing channels have strengthen our products’ accessibility and our capability of acting as the distributor for other products aiming to penetrate the market in Thailand, hence resulting into the increase of our distributing products and product categories as the following:

    2.1 Pigeon Mothercare and Baby Accessories from Japan, serving new born to three-year old babies and mothers with variety of maternity products to meet every satisfaction, for instance, nipples, baby bottles, feeding accessories, breastfeeding accessories, and baby wipes, etc.

    2.2 Splash About Infant and Baby Swimwears from the United Kindom

    2.3 Personal Care Products
    – Dental care products, toothbrushes, and dental flosses under Jordan brand

    2.4 Food and Beverage
    – Roong Jareon mini chili-paste
    – Peachy baby food and snacks (only available in Cambodia)