Company Profile

Vision, Mission, Key Value


“Striving for excellence in products and service with business ethic and integrity of business operation, fulfilling customer and investor expectations whilst achieving utmost relationship with business partners”



  1. Become an organization with outstanding profitability who earns trust from consumers, business partners, and investors
  2. Become an organization with good relationships with business partners and promoting mutual and long lasting growth
  3. Become an organization with human resources as priority, emphasizing on skills and knowledge development including wellness and quality of life of employees
  4. Become an organization with reiteration of corporate governance, business ethics, and social responsibilities
  5. Become an organization with reputation as a professional trading company and distributor



  1. We are passionate to achieve excellence, high commitment, readiness to change in order to acquire continuously excellence in both quality of operation and personal life.
  2. We realize the priority of good relationships with business partners to enable long-term mutual growth with our experienced and professional personnel in order to embrace innovation of products or new ideas to gain competitive advantage on business ethics, corporate governance, and social responsibilities basis.
  3. We aim to build the organizational culture by firmly believing in harmonized teamwork and supporting the engagement of all employees at all levels, in which employees respect for others. We emphasize the value of continuous learning, which will be a fundamental tool to promote lasting growth of both the employees and business.
  4. We are passionate about exceeding customer expectation as the heart of business operation by taking perspectives from outside in, being capable of understanding and realizing customer expectation and ready to develop the right solutions with higher returns for the customers’ success with quality and satisfactions.