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We believe People Drive Performance


The capabilities and dedication of our employees have been the key factors driving the company’s rising performance and success over the past three years and have continuously been critical to the Company’s sustainable growth in the future. The determination of the employees and their confidences in the Company’s vision and mission have driven their dedication in distributing quality products to partners and consumers, serving the market to the immediate satisfaction, and enabling continuous revenue growth, all of which have led to the sustainability in operating the business as distributor.


For these reasons, the Company places its highest priority on optimizing management of its human resources in all aspect areas: focusing on communicating with employees effectively regarding to their roles, responsibilities, and performance; helping employees continually develop their skills, knowledge, effectiveness and potential; enabling their readiness to respond proactively to changes regarding fluctuation and highly-competitiveness in the business treating each employee equity, without discrimination regarding gender, age, religion or disability; encouraging every employee to respect toward the honor, dignity and personal rights of each employee as an individual and human being.


In 2013, the Company defined and communicated its Core Values (DNA), to promote a clear and shared understanding among all employees regarding to business direction. Core Values are the beliefs and commitment that guide us and help us operate together as teams as we work toward the long lasting success, for both the success of employees as individual and of the Company as a distributor.



The Company’s Core Values were set as “O P E C” with the following details:

The Company strongly emphasizes building up level of engagement to each employee beginning from the first day that a recruit becomes a member of the MPI Family, staring with our “Induction Program”, developing engagement among supervisor, subordinates, colleagues through various of activities.

The Company is confident that everything we puts effort to promote satisfaction and harmony in our workplace will enhance teamwork, increase individual performance, and encourage employees to be loyalty and dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to the Company’s success.