Striving for excellence in products and service with business ethic and integrity of business operation, fulfilling customer and investor expectations whilst achieving utmost relationship with business partners

Become an organization with outstanding profitability who earns trust from consumers, business, partners, and investors.

Become an organization with human resources as priority, emphasizing on skills and knowledge development including wellness and quality of life of employees.

Become an organization with good relationships with business partners and promoting mutual and long lasting growth.

Become an organization with reiteration of corporate governance, business ethics, and social responsibilities.

Become an organization with reputation as a professional trading company and distributor.


Commit & Deliver

The qualified and experienced professionals at MOONG fulfill our promises to consumers with passion, consistently delivering excellence in all areas of our operations.

Operational Excellence

Nurture & Grow

MOONG nurtures strong relationships with our stakeholders and partners by being socially responsible, ethical, and meeting all standards for good corporate governance. Our experienced team innovates to drive consistent growth and create a competitive edge.


Enrich & Cultivate

As MOONG strongly believes a unified team with the highest integrity is essential to grow our business sustainably, we engage employees at all levels and continually build their skills and capabilities. We believe in open communications and help our employees to develop personally and professionally to support their long-term success.


Understanding & Engage

With a deep understanding of our customers’ needs, MOONG delivers products that reflect our values and passion. As a result, we can better engage with our customers and always exceed their expectations.

Customer Centric